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GetWP is a Revolutionary Free WordPress Website builder.

We offer a different approach from others; not so straightforward but rather challenging and if you’re just getting started with WordPress that may require some learning effort.

Have you ever wondered why millions of Websites look so much alike? Check out one of the best  Weebly – The Easiest Way To Create A Website

The majority of these sites were built by using the same website builders and very similar templates. While it’s a fastest and easiest way to go online it comes with many restrictions. We are different. We are here to help you to stand out from the crowd. On our site you can create and manage the unlimited number of websites the way you want the way you feel.

And it’s free! 

You can create any type of Website; Blog, Business, e-Commerce, Personal, Portfolio, Resume, Magazine…

We are not resellers. You can always purchase these themes and plugins from developers when you decide that it’s a right time to start yours very own Website independent from any third party intermediary platform like ours.

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We offer a vast array of WordPress premium quality themes as well as smart plug-ins with absolutely no cost at all! The beauty of WordPress itself is, that once you have the template that suits your needs better, your site is practically ready to go! Then it is easy to administrate your content, choose and change the appearance, the functionality, and it will always be complete, even if you have no previous experience with web design! You don’t need a flashy university degree to create a website! However, as easy as it might be, it is still a load of information, possibly new information for you, so we have taken up the task to assist people like yourself to make these first steps as easy and as smooth as they can get! Appearances do matter, so we are going to help you create a professionally looking website, but most importantly, a site that is fully functional and suited for your new online store, your own place for classifieds, business, portfolio, showroom, blog, or just for your hobby website. All of that free of charge! Registering with us is everything required from your part, and you can start creating your website to our virtual servers. Rest assured our services might be free, but they are state of the art when it comes to technology. Simple to use but very complex technology runs on the background. Thanks to “Elegant Themes Page Builder”, now creating a lovely Website it’s more like a game. If you like puzzles you will enjoy building websites. Any type of Websites can be built in a very short time. Don’t need to write a single line of Code. We guaranty the newest web design technologies. Just use your imagination and everything will become possible. Register  

        Creating Website with WordPress has never been Easier

Whether you just stumbled upon  WordPress or you’re looking to try something new, choosing the right theme can make all the difference.  Not sure which WordPress Theme is best for you? Don’t waste money and time.  Try first.We offer Latest Premium Themes and Plugins. Host  your Free Website with us or  just try them before you buy.