e-commerce photoHere you will find some video and text WordPress tutorials to help you to get started

328x280-shopifyIf you are too busy and want concentrate on selling your product rather developing the website Shopify makes it easy to open an online store by providing all the tools and help you need. You don’t have to worry on technical details they do it for you. Of Course, there is a cost attached but it may be well worth the money.  Click here to try it for free!


Market Press is absolutely free. All cost is on us. This is the most powerful e-commerce plugin. There are some WordPress eCommerce plugins you can download for free and then pay hundreds – or even thousands – of $s to get the extensions or add-ons that you need. Don’t get stung. MarketPress has all the features you need. Please check out the video tutorials from the developer. The series of YouTube video lessons will give you the all necessary information required to build your very own online store. Take your time learn and practice with us and within a few days you will start building e-commerce stores for yourself, friends and even for the clients. As long as you stay with getwp.net MarketPress is free, but if you need more freedom, which is totally understandable, you will have to purchase MarketPress from here.  You will also need to register the Domain name and park it with one of the many web hosting providers. In case you have not done that yet we strongly recommend


For a very low price $4 a Month they offer a FREE Domain For Life. Big saving!